NVG has been a major force in building and maintaining strong advocacy coalitions since its inception. On issues ranging from comprehensive immigration reform, to First Amendment rights, to access to healthy and affordable foods for all Americans, NVG brings the right players to the table, puts the right plan in place, and ensures everyone works in the right direction to execute it.

The NVG team–particularly Patricia, Andrea, and Abby–helped turn the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) from a program that was lost in the shuffle into a strong, successful, and high-profile partnership to bring healthy and affordable food to communities across the country. Thanks to NVG’s efforts, the HFFI coalition now has over 100 stakeholders representing community development financial institutes, civil rights and health groups, the food industry, and other critical sectors, all actively advancing our cause.”

Don Hinkle Brown, CEO, The Reinvestment Fund

The Reinvestment Fund