Outreach & Coalition Management

Successful advocacy is built on partnerships

At NVG, we believe policy conversations that are inclusive in the beginning create better policy results at the end. Because of our deep connections, NVG gets people talking across sectors and organized into high-impact coalitions on issues ranging from fair pay to adult vaccine access. We identify strategic relationships built on common interests and ensure policy proposals are crafted to maximize support from diverse stakeholders. We keep companies and organizations moving in the same direction to maximize results.

NVG works with non-profits, communities of color and women’s organizations to advance common interests. We also help large trade associations and Fortune 100 companies manage their outreach programs, ensuring they maximize the impact of thought leaders, resources and relationships.


Closing the Adult Vaccine Access Gap

Every year, more than 50,000 adults die from vaccine preventable diseases. Thousands more suffer serious health problems that should have been prevented.

NVG created a coalition with a laser focus on changes at the federal level that will improve vaccine access for adults. The Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC) was founded in 2015 and within one year grew to over 50 members from across the spectrum of stakeholders—including health care providers, vaccine makers, pharmacies, public health organizations, patient, consumer and minority health groups.

While the need for a focused multi-stakeholder advocacy effort on behalf of adult vaccines was obvious, it was the passionate team at NVG that brought that effort to life. In 12 months, they built a sophisticated new coalition through which over 50 organizations and companies connect to impact adult immunization rates.

Laura Hanen, NACCHO

NVG’s services to AVAC are robust. We are the administrative backbone of the coalition. We convene meetings, manage budgetary and compliance efforts, and conduct outreach to grow AVAC’s membership. NVG directs the coalition’s policy advocacy. We draft comments on proposed regulations, submit appropriations bill language, and write legislative blue prints. We communicate with senior administration officials and advise members of Congress on legislation affecting vaccines.

Thanks to NVG’s tireless support of the Adult Vaccine Access Coalition, we’ve seen real advances in access to critical vaccines. When President Biden signed his signature policy, the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, it included provisions that made all CDC-recommended vaccines free for Medicare Part D and Medicaid recipients. Eliminating out-of-pocket costs brought public health insurance coverage of vaccines on par with private insurance companies and will increase vaccination rates.

We are successful because NVG’s professionals know the substance and how to build consensus among the coalition’s diverse membership. As with every coalition we run, our work leverages the individual talent, access, and knowledge of AVAC members to maximize the coalition’s collective impact on policy.